Restrained traffic

November 23 through 27 – restrained traffic on A2 at the bridge over Warta river near Sługocin interchange (at km 245, Września – Konin section)  

In view of the required repair of the expansion joints in ca. 0.5 km on the motorway bridge over Warta river in the mainline section of A2 motorway near Sługocin (km 245), in the period 23 – 27 November, traffic will be impaired.  

On 23 November, since 10:00 a.m. temporary traffic organization will be implemented:

  1. single carriageway will be used by traffic bound both to Świecko and to Poznań, on dedicated lanes
  2. Eastbound traffic heading to Warsaw will be moved to the neighboring carriageway, with alternating traffic managed by trained staff aided with signage; alternating traffic will only be implemented in case truck traffic (HGVs) volume is high.
  3. Westbound traffic to Świecko, given higher volume in the early days of the week, will use a single carriageway on the bridge, without staff management and alternating scheme.  
  4. in the event any extraordinary technical problems are encountered, certain scope of works may be completed by 4 December 2015 which may result in partially impaired traffic on the bridge.
  5. it has been assumed that works will be performed in 12-hour cycles (7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m.) as this is an extraordinary situation which may make it necessary to shift some of the works to a weekend (28-29 Nov.)

The reason for the change in traffic organization is the need to rectify the unexpected failure of the expansion joint system on the Southern side of the bridge (Eastbound to Warsaw) due to excessive load and wear and tear. The bridge in question had been built in the years 1987 – 88 and thoroughly rehabilitated in 2002. Immediate repair is required to avoid damage to the entire expansion joint system which would entail total replacement and closure of the motorway in this section (Eastbound traffic) for at least 5 weeks. Presently, the weather permits commencement of works and traffic can use the bridge, even though with some impediments, however if the works were to be done in winter, they would be much more onerous.

The temporary traffic organization scheme received positive opinion and approval of the GDDKiA Poznań Branch. The works will be performed by “ZMBD” company from Ruda Śląska, the only contractor in Poland dealing with such kind of road defects.

Information about restrained traffic can be obtained at and via the   Hotline +48 504 422 022 (8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.) as well as via  Yanosik app (a special modified version dedicated for the concession A2 users). 

Contact person: Zofia Kwiatkowska, AWSA Spokesperson, +48 608 479 541, email:,

Rescue services exercise in A2

An accident involving 4 passenger cars, a bus, a truck and several dozen victims formed the scenario of the 6th exercise of rescue services held on Thursday 3rd September in the A2 Świecko-Konin concession section. The rescue services operating in A2 exercised in the Gorzów section of the motorway for the second time.

This time, apart from Polish services, also the German fire brigade units from Frankfurt am Oder took part in the exercise. The organisers include Autostrada Eksploatacja SA, Regional Fire Brigade Headquarters in Gorzów Wielkopolski and Autostrada Wielkopolska. Such exercises are organised in A2 every two years in critical places on the motorway. This time they will take place around the Rzepin interchange.

„The purpose of the exercise is to prepare in the best possible way to serve events involving a large number of persons and to improve co-operation of rescue services during road traffic accidents on the motorway. Thanks to the involvement of the police, the fire brigade, the medical rescue units and the motorway Operator units we may test not only the proprietary Rescue Actions Plan implemented in the A2, but also possibilities of co-operation with our colleagues from Germany” says Włodzimierz Matczak, motorway operation director in Autostrada Eksploatacja. „Such exercises also entail immediate discussion of any modifications to the procedures or communication channels, not only to help victims, but also to restore traffic in the motorway” adds W. Matczak

During this year’s exercise both the organisation of rescue actions in A2, and the ability to use the motorway infrastructure, including emergency gates and exits, were checked. The procedures of alarm communication and information flow during events and the operation of 112 emergency number were verified.

„Unfortunately, statistics are implacable and despite the improving road infrastructure in our province, more or less tragic accidents still happen in our roads – states senior brigadier Hubert Harasimowicz, the Chief Fire Officer of the State Fire Brigade. We would like to minimise the number of such unfortunate events. Throughout the year we appeal to drivers and road users to be prudent and to observe safety rules on the road. At the moment of accident it is crucial for firemen to access victims as soon as possible and provide effective help to them. Therefore all elements of rescue action must be at the highest level and all services involved must perfectly co-operate. This is why we exercise and improve the proceedings to draw conclusions for the future” declares Harasimowicz, the Chief Fire Officer.

The actors in the A2 Thursday exercises included fire brigade units of the Lubuskie Province and German fire brigades from Frankfurt am Oder, the Lubuskie Province Office, the Road Traffic Department of the Police in Gorzów, the State Medical Rescue Services, the Polish Red Cross in Gorzów, the Road Transport Inspectorate and the motorway maintenance services.

Results of drivers satisfaction survey

At the turn of June and July drivers travelling in the concession section of A2 Motorway operated by Autostrada Eksploatacja were asked to evaluate the offered services. Drivers answered questions about general satisfaction, and also road maintenance level and marking, safety, service in toll plazas and stations, use of motorway infrastructure and the use of vehicle navigation system.

The first of the two surveys was carried out during toll collection for the fourth time already. The second survey composed of about 30 questions was carried out in parking sites in the selected Rest and Service Areas for the third time.

This year’s successful results are close to those of the last year and witness a general high evaluation of the motorway by travellers with the key Net Promoters Score (NPS) improved again. It is worth noting that NPS has been steadily increasing since 2012, amounting to 60.8 in 2012, 63.6 in 2013, 65.1 in 2014, and to as much as 67.7 in 2015.

The motorway strengths as seen by drivers have remained as follows: service in toll collection plazas and stations, the road maintenance level, and the maintenance of Rest an Service Areas. The advantages of travelling in the motorway also include: speed, comfort and safety, although the evaluation of other drivers’ behaviours has been deteriorating. As much as 94% drivers evaluate the safety level in the A2 concession section as good or very good. The same percentage of travellers favourably evaluate traffic flow on the road. Since the first edition of the survey the efficient service in toll collection plazas and stations has counted among the most highly evaluated aspects.


Question: How do you evaluate the road maintenance level?

Results of drivers satisfaction survey

Question: How do you evaluate the service efficiency in toll collection plazas?

Results of drivers satisfaction survey

Question: How do you evaluate traffic flow in the road?

Results of drivers satisfaction survey


Zdecydowanie źle – definitely poor

Raczej źle – rather poor

Raczej dobrze – fairly good

Zdecydowanie dobrze – definitely good

Autostrada for children

Autostrada Wielkopolska and Autostrada Eksploatacja have transferred 50 000 PLN on a purchase of cardiac monitors for children born with heart defects.

Autostrada Wielkopolska Inc. and Autostrada Eksploatacja Inc. are supporting Polish nationwide social campaign called “Bajkowy Efekt Domina” organized by Kulczyk Foundation and Radio Zet Foundation. Both companies have transferred concomitantly 50 000 PLN within an action to buy cardiac monitors intended for children with heart defects and diseases. In exchange for donated funds, companies have received 10 000 copies of educational books in set with audiobooks for children, which are an omnibus of tales from the furthest corners of the world. On the 29th of August, during the last Saturday of summer, from 6.00 a.m. at definite Toll Plazas (Lądek Toll Plaza – direction Poznań and Gołuski Toll Plaza – direction Warszawa) books will be distributed to drivers traveling with children.

“Bajkowy Efekt Domina” is an omnibus of interesting exercises, tales and songs for children. On a CD we can find one tale from Poland and two tales from each of eight countries, where the first season of “Efekt Domina” took place. Together with children, tales are read by actors and journalists, i.a. Agnieszka Dygant, Szymon Majewski, Piotr Fronczewski and Beata Pawlikowska. The Ombudsman for Children took a patronage over the project. An attractive form of education was engaged by specialists from the Faculty of Educational Studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

Kulczyk Foundation is a family foundation, which was constituted to use the best possible knowledge about management and social investments for an initiation of real social changes in those parts of the world, where beneficiaries of help do not have any chances to improve their lives on their own. The general rule of Kulczyk Foundation is to bring a necessary support in a way to create permanent mechanisms involving local communities. – Every one of us can find courage inside to move this first, the most demanding domino block and than the sequence of positive events will start itself. And what is more important – it will never stop! – explains Dominika Kulczyk.

Jan Kulczyk deceased

Jan Kulczyk, the biggest Polish entrepreneur, founder and long term Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Autostrada Eksploatacja S.A., deceased

Jan Kulczyk, the biggest Polish entrepreneur running business in key sectors in Poland and worldwide, deceased in the night of 29 July in Vienna, at the age of 65.

The owner of Kulczyk Investments, international investment house, running projects in 30 countries on four continents.

Jan Kulczyk played a crucial role in the transformation of the Polish economy, participated in vital transactions and property transformations in Poland, initiated and implemented large public and private partnership projects.

He created the largest Polish automotive group, the importer and dealer of Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Bentley brand cars. During 20 years the network sold over 1 million cars and held the position of absolute leader in the Polish market.

Jan Kulczyk first presented the idea of building the first private motorway in Poland connecting Poland to Europe, which developed into the largest PPP project worth PLN 9 M.

He also was the largest Polish investor in Africa, and the owner of a vast portfolio of energy resources and iron, copper and gold ores.

The strategic partner and shareholder of a global SABMiller Corporation running business in 75 markets worldwide. Co-founded the largest brewery in Poland, counting among the most modern in the world.

The co-founder and long term Chairman of the Polish Business Board, he also chaired the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Since June 2006 he participated in the Board of Directors of Green Cross International, and since 6 October 2007 held the position of the Board Chairman.

In 2010 he initiated the foundation of CEED Institute, a think tank promoting achievements of new member states of the European Union. In 2014 appointed the Board of Investor in Africa. Member of the elite international board of advisors of think tank of Atlantic Council.

A philanthropist, patron of culture and sport. Awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland with Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta. Winner of the prestigious Kisiel award (1992 r.), awarded Golden Medal of Paulin Fathers for special merits for Jasna Góra monastery. Winner of the „2012 Patron of Culture” awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Honoured by the Nigerian government with a title of “Friend of Nigeria” as the first entrepreneur ever. As the strategic sponsor of the Polish team at the Olympics he supported the initiatives uniting business, political and sports environments to promote sports.


Yanosik application

Virtual Variable Message Signs in the Yanosik application

From the beginning of July this year drivers travelling in the A2 Świecko- Konin concession section will be kept informed about obstructions in the road with variable message signs displayed in the mobile Yanosik application. Persons using Yanosik and approaching e.g. a traffic jam or a place of accident or collision will receive the information about the type of obstruction and the place where it occurred.

The information will be displayed on the screen 2 km before the two last exits from the motorway to enable drivers to decide whether to exit the motorway at the nearest interchange, or at the following one. The virtual Variable Message Signs function is available to the users of the application on Android, but works are underway to implement the application in iOS and Windows Phone system.

Partner to „Safe Poznań roads”

Autostrada Eksploatacja – a partner to „Safe Poznań roads” campaign.

„Safe Poznań roads” project was inaugurated in June with Autostrada Eksploatacja SA as the project’s main partner. “Safe Poznań roads” project was initiated by Skoda Auto School (Skoda Auto Szkoła) actively working to improve safety on Polish roads for over 11 years now. The main objective of the programme is to improve the traffic road safety, develop the city’s transport capacity and promote alternative means of transportation. The project is being implemented under the auspices of the President of the City of Poznań with the support of the Police and Road Transport Inspection. 

According to the inhabitants the 10 major BRD problems in Poznań are the following:

  1. Not respecting the priority
  2. Not signalling the manoeuvres
  3. Incorrect way of merging lanes when passing from two lane to one lane traffic – drivers unable to zipper merge
  4. Slow starting at traffic lights
  5. Driving on fast lane for a long time
  6. Aggression preventing other traffic participants from driving
  7. Using mobile telephone and other distractions when driving
  8. Pedestrians passing the street in unauthorised places
  9. Safety of bikers in the road
  10. Missing comprehensive educational programme addressed to inhabitants.


Planning a trip

You’re planning a trip – check the car not to be taken by surprise

  • Check tyre pressure. Do not forget a spare wheel.
  • Check the bulbs. Remember to put spare bulbs in the luggage compartment.
  • Check oil level. Professionals advise to check the level every 500-800 kilometres.
  • If you travel with children, check where you can safely stop on the way (Rest and Service Areas (MOP) and restaurants).
  • Fuel up the car not to have to look for petrol stations while you’re driving.
  • Before setting for a trip examine the motorway route and exits.
  • If you use navigation, pay attention to variable message signs not to overlook Your exit
  • Note the alarm telephone number of the Motorway Control Centre 61 8383102 or Infoline 504422022.

Have a good trip!

We operate the Świecko - Konin section of A2 Motorway seeing
to your safe arrival at your destination!
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