Operation and Maintenance Centers

Operation and Maintenance CentersEach OMC houses a salt warehouse, workshops, garages. All 3 OMC operating in the A2 Toll Motorway are equipped with the following:

  • vehicles earmarked to patrol and maintain the road and use appropriate marking,
  • 25 tons heavy vehicles with trailers, with winter maintenance equipment, i.e. salt spreader and snow ploughs,
  • multifunctional Unimog machine for mowing, sweeping, snow removal, road signs washing, ditch milling and drains cleaning,
  • 15 and 18-tons vehicles for winter maintenance,
  • tractor for moving, spraying etc, and manual mowing machines for green areas maintenance,
  • salt loader with telescopic extension arm,
  • trailers for marking and securing,Operation and Maintenance Centers
  • Unimog mower,
  • Sługocin,
  • Bolewice,
  • Kotowo – Autostrada Eksploatacja SA registered place of business, Operation and Maintenance Centre for Section II and the Poznań By-Pass, salt warehouse, warehouse, garages, motorway police building,
  • Biały Mur,
  • Ilanka.

We operate the Świecko - Konin section of A2 Motorway seeing
to your safe arrival at your destination!
Operation and Maintenance Centers