Rest and Service areas

The A2 Toll Motorway is equipped with 22 Rest and Service Areas (MOP), 11 at each side of the motorway.

All MOPs are equipped with parking sites, toilets, telephone booths, picnic areas and children playgrounds. In addition, bus sewage discharge points are located at the Gnilec, Sosna, Chociszewo, Rogoziniec, Zalesie, Sędzinko, Krzyżowniki, Osiecza II, Osiecza III and Tulce MOPs. Orlen and PB petrol stations are situated at the Sołeczno, Tulce, Gozdowo, Krzyżowniki and Osiecza III MOPs. Osiecza III also offers restaurant and hotel services.

McDonald's restaurants are localized at Rogoziniec and Chociszewo MOPs.

We operate the Świecko - Konin section of A2 Motorway seeing
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Rest and Service areas