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The major task of our company consists in routine maintenance of the Konin–Świecko section of the A2 Motorway. Daily care for the safety of the A2 users is taken by way of road cleaning, hazardous materials removal and repair and routine maintenance of the motorway equipment and structures. Moreover, the employees of the Motorway Maintenance department also take care of the grass and greenery along the motorway and clear the motorway of snow in winter.

Autostrada Eksploatacja SA is also responsible for toll collection in the toll sections of A2. The performance of daily duties is facilitated by the state-of-the-art technical solutions in the scope of road operation, and the experience of both Polish and foreign partners of the company.

Each motorway section is operated by ca. 35 employees working for each of the Operation and Maintenance Centres, and almost 40 toll collectors employed at each of Toll Plaza.

To ensure trip safety and comfort to A2 drivers each motorway section is patrolled round the clock by patrol cars and the quick response intervention groups. Moreover, the Central Control Room operating 24 hours a day receives all information related to the motorway operation.

Autostrada Eksploatacja SA counts among the major employers in the local labour markets. In compliance with the employment policy implemented by the company, Autostrada Eksploatacja SA employees originate from the areas crossed by the motorway.

Autostrada Eksploatacja

We operate the Świecko - Konin section of A2 Motorway seeing
to your safe arrival at your destination!
About us