These Rules outline the terms of operation of the video surveillance system on A2 Toll Motorway Świecko - Konin, specify the locations of the cameras, rules of recording and saving information and the way they are made available and secured.


Art. 1

The goal of the surveillance is:

  1. to document tolling transactions on the motorway;

  2. to enhance motorway users' safety, protect the property and handle road incidents.


Art. 2

  1. The surveillance operates on a 24 hour basis.

  2. Recording and saving information on physical carriers covers picture only (no sound) coming from the surveillance system. 


Art. 3

  1. The A2 toll motorway video surveillance system includes cameras located at MPOs, OUAs and on some interchanges to monitor:

    1. toll lanes,

    2. interior of toll booths,

    3. interior of buildings and booths of the MPO supervisors,

    4. open spaces at MPOs,

    5. interior of the buildings and the surroundings of the Operator’s head office,

    6. interior of the buildings and the surroundings of the OUAs,

    7. open spaces at OUAs,

    8. service gates,

    9. Słupca Interchange,

    10. interchanges at the Poznań Bypas, namely:  Poznań – Zachód, Poznań – Komorniki, Poznań - Luboń, Poznań - Krzesiny and Poznań – Wschód and andjacet motorway sections, 

    11. open spaces at MOPs.

  2. The users of A2 toll motorway have been advised of the fact that the video surveillance system is in operation on the motorway by way of:

  3. making these Rules available on the websites,,

  4. making these Rules available at POS, 

  5. placing an icon - a symbol of a camera with information on: particulars of the data controller, the purpose of data processing, the area of the surveillance, the period of retaining data, the sources of additional information concerning data processing and the rights of persons under surveillance on toll booths and ticket dispensers at PPOs and SPOs and the information boards at entries to the Poznań Bypass. 


Art. 4

  1. Data recorded by the video surveillance system is  kept on servers located in rooms with restricted access rights and is available to staff who are familiar with the personal data protection regulations. 

  2. Recorded video may be disclosed to relevant enforcement agencies (the Police, Prosecutors, Courts, etc.) to the extent required for the performance of their duties. Data shall be disclosed to the abovementioned entities upon a written request in connection with the pending proceedings. 

  3. The retention period for the video recordings shall be  no longer than 90 days. Extension of such period shall be possible only:  upon request of an authorized agency to secure the recorded video in connection with the pending proceedings;

    2. whenever such processing is required to attain goals under the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party (e.g. to support potential claims regarding performance of a contract),  


Art. 5

  1. Recorded and archived data from surveillance that permits identification of any person, shall be deemed personal data.  

  2. Personal data from video surveillance shall be processed in line with the applicable provisions of law. Detailed terms of personal data processing are available at the website  as Appendix 2 to the Motorway Rules applicable on A2 Toll Motorway section Świecko - Konin.


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