Environment protection

Environmental protection is everyone’s business

New express roads are no surprise in all developing countries. However, an appropriate performance and further operation of such projects are of essence. The works should be performed in a way maximising the benefits and minimising the interference with the natural environment.

These were the priorities when building the A2 Motorway. As the motorway unquestionably is human interference with the natural environment, the equipment minimising the A2 negative environmental impact was installed. The mitigating measures included noise barriers, water treatment plants, and environmental ponds. Moreover, in the sections opened to traffic constant monitoring is performed in the scope of air (7 locations), noise (20 locations), surface water (10 locations) and underground water. The purpose of the monitoring consists in checking the efficiency level of the environmental protection equipment used. It must be noted that the estimated cost of such equipment amounts to about 9% of the total construction costs, thus demonstrating that environmental issues are by no means marginalised.

What does Autostrada Eksploatacja SA do for the environment?

With the correctly installed and marked waste bins, containers and boxes, the operator performs a wide scale segregation of waste generated during motorway operation. All waste is delivered to companies specialised in raw material recovery, or waste utilisation, if recycling is not possible.

Environment protection

Autostrada Eksploatacja SA maintains over 540 thousand trees and shrubs and over 1100 hectares of lawns along the Motorway Right of Way, created (recreated) to replace the original vegetation cover existing prior to the motorway construction. Such greenery also isolates from noise and pollution. The Operator maintains stormwater treatment facilities and keeps them in good working order. The condition of waste water is regularly checked and compared to the standards set in official decisions. All operational vehicles and devices held by Autostrada Eksploatacja SA meet the standards in terms of exhaust fumes emission. The Operator pays to the Marshall’s Office bank account the compensation fee for the use of the environment, emission of gas and dust to air, and ground water intake from the deep well in Bolewice.

The co-operation of Autostrada Eksploatacja SA with the Starostvos and the Fire Brigade allows for quick reaction in case of environmental contamination. Any land reclamation needs are given priority. Moreover, Autostrada Eksploatacja SA maintains several green overpasses and underpasses to protect animals.

In order to enjoy the beauty of nature, robust forests, clean water and fresh air, we must become aware of their fragility and start taking active care of natural environment. Each of us can contribute to nature preservation, and so can large companies and institutions. Autostrada Eksploatacja SA cares for nature so that future generations may appreciate natural values and beauty.

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Environment protection