New Temporary Traffic Management between Poznań Luboń – Poznań Krzesiny interchanges from 22 July 

The substantial works related to the extension of the ca 5 km section of the Poznań Bypass have been completed. Bituminous pavement has been laid in 3 traffic lanes in both directions of the motorway Bypass between the Poznań Komorniki – Poznań Luboń interchanges. The works will now be performed on the Eastern section of the Bypass between Poznań Luboń (164km+100) and Poznań Krzesiny (172km+000) interchanges. The new Temporary Traffic Management will be implemented from Monday 22 July.

From Thursday 18th July until Monday 22nd July works will commence on the successive 8 km section of the Poznań Bypass. In the above period new signage will be installed and diversions will be arranged for. This means that drivers have to pay particular attention.

The extension of this motorway section carrying high municipal traffic and the traffic from S5 and S11 express roads is huge challenge for which we were preparing already in the project planning phase. After performing the works between the Poznań Komorniki – Poznań Luboń interchanges we are sure to have passed the test and to succeed in the next phase. If only the weather were favourable to road workers – says Michał Pabich, project manager of Autostrada Wielkopolska.

What the drivers have to be attentive to?

From 22 July drivers driving the southern carriageway in the Poznań Luboń - Poznań Krzesiny section (carrying traffic from Świecko to Warsaw) will use the emergency lane. On the northern carriageway (in the direction of Świecko) three traffic lanes will be available (without the emergency lane): two lanes in the Świecko direction and one lane in the Warsaw direction. Drivers driving the lane towards the capital will not have the possibility of exiting the motorway in the Poznań Krzesiny interchange. That lane will be recommended for all vehicles, including heavy vehicles making a transit trip in the direction of Warsaw.

In the Poznań Komorniki – Poznań Luboń section two lanes in both directions will be available both in the southern carriageway (Warsaw direction), and in the northern carriageway (Świecko direction). Drivers will also have the emergency lane at their disposal. The third lane has already been built in that section, but will not yet be made available to drivers.

The works between the Poznań Zachód and Poznań Komorniki interchanges have been in progress. Drivers can use two lanes both in Warsaw direction, and in Świecko direction, as usual.

Temporary Traffic Management Scheme





The Investor summarizes the first three months of the extension project.

Since 21/22 June new temporary traffic management will be in place.

After three months of extension of the motorway bypass of Poznań, the second stage of works is coming to an end, which in practice means the introduction of new temporary traffic management. This will take place as early as 21/22 June (preparatory works will start on 20 June). Drivers must carefully observe the signposting – two lanes in each direction will be available on the northern carriageway, i.e. towards Świecko. How have the works been carried out so far, what has been done and what surprise for the drivers entering the bypass have Autostrada Wielkopolska SA and McDonald's prepared?

Through the eyes of the contractor - what's been done

More than 200 people are working to ensure that by the end of the year drivers will have at their disposal a three-lane Poznań bypass, both in the direction of Warsaw and Świecko.

- During the three months of the extension project between the Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń interchanges, we built the third lane on the southern carriageway towards Warsaw, we laid the pavement up to the existing level and installed guardrails on a 6-kilometre section. The third lane was also built on the opposite side of the motorway (i.e. towards Świecko). We have already laid a bituminous layer there. We have also extended the sliproad at the Poznań Luboń interchange and prepared the foundations for the installation of variable message signs, which will keep the drivers informed about road incidents and conditions on an ongoing basis - says Marcin Szczepański of Strabag Polska Sp. z o.o. - That's exactly what we have planned in the work program – he adds.

So far 35,000 tonnes of mineral-asphalt mixture have been laid down, which can be compared to 18 trains with 34 cars each, and the construction vehicles (including rollers and dump trucks) covered a total of hundreds of thousands kilometres.

Through the eyes of the employer - what’s scheduled

From 21/22 June the southern carriageway, i.e. the one towards Warsaw, will be closed. Four lanes (two in each direction) will be transferred to the northern carriageway (towards Świecko). A wearing course and a binding course will be laid on the closed carriageway on all three already built lanes and guardrails and noise barriers will be installed.

From 21/22 June, drivers will follow the scheme:



- We are very pleased with the progress of works. We are aware of the difficult weather conditions in which they have to be carried out. However, the heavy rains in May and the African heat in June did not cause any delays in the very tight schedule.

Maintaining the current pace, we will deliver three traffic lanes in both directions over a 16 km section later this year. We cooperate with a reliable contractor and our investment project is very different from other projects currently underway. We are observing what is happening in the industry. Termination of contracts or contractors leaving the site has, unfortunately, been quite a common phenomenon lately. - says Zofia Kwiatkowska, spokeswoman for AWSA.

Through the eyes of a driver – what it looks like in practice

While creating a temporary traffic management plan for the expansion of the bypass, two lanes in both directions were maintained. Three months of works showed that the proposed solution works perfectly well in practice.

- Our survey shows that the majority of drivers are thinking about the future benefits, i.e. the three lanes on the bypass, and therefore accept the difficulties resulting from the ongoing works. Singposting and temporary traffic management are understandable for the drivers, although they all agree that it requires more concentration behind the wheel - says Zofia Kwiatkowska, AWSA's spokeswoman. - A refreshed driver reacts more quickly on the road, so we remind those who are traveling long distances of taking breaks at numerous motorway rest areas" – she adds.

AWSA and McDonald's action encourages drivers to take a break from the journey. From 12 June to 4 July, all drivers entering the Poznań bypass from the east and west can take advantage of a free coffee invitation. Stopping at the toll station in Gołuski and Nagradowice, they receive a special voucher, which can then be exchanged for McCafe coffee in the participating restaurants (up to 23.59 hours the next day after receiving it).

- Together with McDonald's, we invite drivers to enjoy delicious, aromatic and, most importantly, free coffee. This is a great opportunity for a break in the journey and a favour to those who drive along the Poznań bypass a little longer than usual due to the extension, temporary traffic management and speed limit of 70km/h – says Zofia Kwiatkowska, AWSA spokeswoman.


Interchange Poznań Luboń

From 6th May works on the slip road (exit from Warsaw direction - Poznań and Luboń direction). Works will be continued on the outside of the slip road. There will be no need to close traffic, except a limited period needed to place the wearing course (AWSA will inform about it in advance).



Stage I of the construction project at the Poznań Bypass has been completed.  The third lane was built in the section between Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń interchanges and guard rails were installed. Now, the works will be shifted to the other carriageway.  On Easter Monday,  22 April, since 12:00 a.m. the road construction teams will begin preparations to change the temporary traffic organization.  The new scheme will be in place already on Wednesday 24 April, since the early hours. 

The first stage of the project was completed at an express pace of works and comprises 6 km of the third lane, with pavement matching the existing vertical alignment on the southern carriageway (Warsaw- bound) between the interchanges of Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń.   Starting 24 April, the contractor - A2 Route/Strabag JV will launch the new traffic organization scheme.  All traffic will be diverted to the southern carriageway where 4 lanes will be available, separated by moveable barriers, two lanes in each direction. Only the slow lane in both directions will be available for heavy vehicles. The northern carriageway (Świecko-bound) will be fully occupied as a job site with third lane works carried out there.
The temporary organization scheme implemented last month in the section Poznań West - Poznań Komorniki will remain unchanged, i.e. traffic on each carriageway has two lanes available in each direction with the emergency lane fenced as job site.  That scheme will continue for the next weeks until the first half of June. 
As the works progress, the slip road from Poznań and Luboń to Świecko will be closed. 

Traffic options are illustrated in the picture below:


- We are happy to see the first, very important stage of the Bypass works completed as scheduled, at a very express pace.  The 12-hour working system involving almost 200 people using ca. 80 machines and vehicles coupled with round the clock work during the last weekends contributed to the completion of the third lane which matches the existing vertical alignment in the 6 km long section of the motorway,  says Zofia Kwiatkowska, the spokesperson for Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A. -The weather was fine so far, and it’s one of the major factors of successful performance.  We are also very happy to see that the temporary traffic organization scheme implemented some weeks ago has been working perfectly well, despite huge traffic volume reaching 60 thousand vehicles a day.  No standstills occurred, and traffic was as smooth as it was possible,  adds Kwiatkowska.

In the weeks to come the contractor will, among other works, dismantle the median and shoulder guard rails and rehabilitate the bridge structures.

A2 Motorway is the major international link between eastern and western Poland.  Around 65 thousand vehicles drive each day on the Poznań Bypass, which adds up to ca. 23 million drivers a year.  The cost of the works in the 16 km stretch of the Bypass is PLN 200 million and is fully funded by the employer, Autostrada Wielkopolska SA.  It is the first time that works involving widening of a motorway are performed under traffic, without closing the road, on the contrary, maintaining two lanes in each direction. 

Pictures of the Bypass works: download here


Due to the expansion of the Poznań bypass,  limited entry ban for non-standard vehicles was subjected in the section between Poznań Zachód and Poznań Wschód interchanges:

  1. Section between Poznań Zachód and Poznań Wschód – issuing authorization by the General Director for National Roads and Motoways for non-standard vehicles (width below 3,20 m) was limited throughout the construction period (till the end of June 2020) 
  2. Section between Poznań Krzesiny and Poznań Wschód – authorization for non-standard vehicles (category I-VI) will be issued by the General Director for National Roads and Motoways  throughout the construction period (till the end of June 2020) 
  3. Section Poznań Zachód and Poznań Wschód - authorization for non-standard vehicles (category VII) will be issued by Autostrada Wielkopolska SA. Every single application will be considered by Autostrada Wielkopolska SA in the field of width, section and date of ride. 

Current situation on the Poznań Bypass:
Hotline 24/7: +48 800 022 242

Works from 13th of March – extension of the Poznań Bypass

From March 13th begin renovation works within broaden of slip road B on Poznań Luboń Interchange. A temporary traffic organization will be introduced on the 155km+870 – 164km+100 sections. Works will be also continuaed from Poznań West Interchange to Poznań Luboń Interchange.

From 17/18th of March:

  • works between Poznań West and Poznań Komorniki Interchanges – works on the southern road (Warsaw direction), no emergency lane, width of lanes: 3,5 m
  • works between Poznań Komorniki and Poznań West Interchanges – works on the northern road (Świecko direction), no emergency lane, width of lanes: 3,5 m
  • works between Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń Interchanges – works on the southern road (Warsaw direction), vehicles will only travel by an emergency lane, width of lane: 3,5 m
  • works between Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń Intechnges – works on the northern road (Świecko direction). Three lanes will be available on the road: one in the Warsaw direction (width of lane: 3,5 m) and two in the Świecko direction (width of slow lane: 3,5 m, width of fast lane: 3m). Both directions will be separated from each other by a floating barrier.

Schedule presented above can change, due to weather conditions.

Information about traffic flow from Konin to Świecko is available on: and on Hotline number: 0 800 022 242


Renovation works on Modła Interchange

Renovation works within Modła Intrechange will be continuated. Works will be organized on trunk road DK25 of Modła Interchange.

Schedule of works:

  • 4.03 – 13.03 closure of slip road B. Shuttle service with traffic lights will be putted into practice on trunk road DK25 (slip road from the direction Kalisz towards Konin).
  • 14.03 – 21.03 swinging traffic on the road DK 25 (from the direction of Kalisz) and a road overpass WD77. During this time, works involving milling the old pavement and laying a new one.

Renovation works on Modła Interchange

Schedule presented above can change, due to weather conditions.

Information about traffic flow from Konin to Świecko is available on: and on Hotline number: 0 800 022 242


In only 9 months the inhabitants of the Wielkopolska province capital and all drivers using the A2 motorway will drive in a modern, three lane Poznań Bypass. The first works related to the extension will commence on 1 March, and the entire project will have been completed by mid-2020.

During the first two weekends of March road crews will start fencing off the Bypass area where the works will be performed. Temporary entry lanes will be set out together with passageways in Poznań Komorniki and Poznań Luboń interchanges. The proper extension works will commence already in the second half of March. In the 16 km section between the Poznań West and Poznań Krzesiny interchanges, apart from the third traffic lane to be built in each direction, the pavement will be upgraded to adapt for higher traffic flow. In addition, safety rails and the entire lighting system will be replaced, new noise barriers will be installed and the existing ones will be extended along the entire route, tripling in size, to ensure better protection to a larger number of Poznań inhabitants. Moreover, in the 27 km section between Nagradowice and Gołuski 10 variable message sign boards will be installed to inform drivers about traffic situation in real time. in real time.

We are aware that the coming months will be difficult for all drivers. Such huge challenge of extending the city motorway bypass under traffic has never been taken up in Poland yet. Basing on our know-how and innovation we scheduled the completion of pavement works and replacement of rails and lighting half a year prior to the originally assumed date, that is by the end of the year 2019. Road works will be carried out in such way that traffic, to the extent possible, will flow smoothly in 2 lanes in each direction. The remaining works related to the extension and construction of noise barriers and the construction of 10 variable message signs will be completed in mid-2020. It should be noted that the project will be implemented in the scope largely exceeding the scope provided for in the concession agreement. Therefore, we hope that weather conditions will be favourable to road crews, and we will use our best efforts to perform as best we can, and above all in compliance with the plan – ensures Zofia Kwiatkowska, the spokesperson of Autostrada Wielkopolska SA.

The extension of the Poznań motorway Bypass is the first project of such complexity ever implemented in the motorway “under traffic” in Poland. Extremely important for millions of drivers not only from Poznań and neighbouring areas but also from the whole of Poland, it forms a part of the A2 Motorway, the main internal transport channel connecting eastern and western part of Poland. About 65 thousand vehicles drive in the bypass daily, meaning that almost 23 million drivers use the bypass during the year.

We operate the Świecko - Konin section of A2 Motorway seeing
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